Top Best Brooms for Dog Hair


If you have a dog you know how much dog hair can be let off by your dog. You also know that dog hair can and will get everywhere. Dog hair can cause allergies and cause your furniture and floors to look unclean and that has to be stopped. I come to you with 5 of the best brooms for dog hair.


  1. Evrilholder Furemover Broom

When considering a broom for ridding your house of dog hair , this broom is a good one to consider. The Furemover has soft rubber bristles that draws pet hair to it like a magnet and keeps them in a pile instead of causing the hair to be spread. You can get the pet hair from any surface and doesn’t scuff your lovely hardwood floors. The built in squeegee makes getting hair off upholstered furniture easier than ever. Pull with a short , sharp stroke for carpet and furniture. Having the squeegee , you can get any spills and clean doors and windows. With a good broom , you don’t have to go bending your back to get your house clean  , and the Furemover knows that with a handle extending 60 inches to save you the pain of a back ache. With this broom you almost cant go wrong.

  1. FoxTrot Fur Buster Rubber Broom & Squeegee

The FoxTrot Fur Buster is a great multi-purpose broom. It gets the job done with a smile on your face and a clean home. With a handle expanding to 50 inches you can get the harder to reach spots. The Foxtrot works on tile , carpet and hardwood floors , window and doors and many more surfaces out of all the places your pet likes to roam. It even cleans liquid messes tooo with its squeegee feature. It has soft rubber bristles that work unlike other brooms leaving your floors looking brand new. It works fast and easy and is very reliable.

  1. Pet Buddies FurStatic Pet Hair Broom

Like most brooms for pet hair , this soft bristles that work on tile , and carpet and cement. But unlike other brooms, Pet brooms has a detachable head that makes it easy to clean by putting in in the dishwasher. The rubber is made from TPR which allows the rubber to expand in shape but allows is to return back to its original size , which also keeps your broom in good shape for years. The broom extends to 51 inches and allows you to even get dust from the ceiling. As you can see this broom offers a lot.

  1. RAVMAG Rubber Broom & Squeegee

The RAVMAG is a very strong competitor for brooms. It has a 13 inch rubber squeegee that will get pet hair very adequately. The squeegee has a lot of absorption power letting you tackle a lot. The water resistant rubber bristles makes it possible to clean any mess. And like the Pet Buddies broom the rubber is made from TPR so your broom will last you a long time. The bristles o this broom are made to handle dirt , dust , hair and lint from any surface. The handle reaches 55 inches so you don’t have to bend your back. It has the ability to change your sweeping habits.

  1. O Cedar Professional 24” Smooth Surface Push Broom.

Although this broom does not have a squeegee like the others , I ensure you to still be a happy customer. It has find bristles that clean the plushest carpet and has the ability to reach corners and any other place your dog might go galivanting. O’cedars uses Maxi-Lok Technology to keep head from spinning around and off. It works well on all surface and even works on the rougher surfaces. Is a good broom for both indoor and outdoor and keeps you house clean with minimal effort.

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