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It’s no big secret that our cell phones are dirty , but just how dirty might make you rethink putting your phone to your face to make a call. Each square inch of your phone contains about 25,000 germs. With that being said , think of all the things you do with your phone , you bring it just about everywhere even to the bathroom. Your phone is one consistent thing you touch after doing any activity , most people grab their phones without thinking to wash their hands before picking their phones up. People will cough and sneeze wiping their nose with their hand or they could even pick their nose ( hopefully not ) and touch their phone or even yours without even realizing how many more germs you’re adding to your personal device. When you’re sick , you stay at home and rest and spend hours and hours on your phone no even thinking to clean your phone which may even be the cause of you getting sick , bacteria on your phone and to your hands can cause you to get sick and who wants an unclean phone to be the reason you’re stuck at home sick. Cell phones also breed their own germs and besides getting sick , pressing your phone against your face with the thousands of germs on it can lead to acne and everyone hates acne almost has much as being sick. That is where PhoneSoap comes in , and uses UV-C light to sanitize your phone to kill all the germs that stick to your phone.

PhoneSoap uses UV-C lights to kill microorganisms living on your phone , with the design , the UV-c light is able to kill the organisms trapped in small crevices that you would be unable to get with cleaning wipes. As for it working , its clinically proven to kill 99.9 % of harmful germs and bacteria on your phone . PhoneSoap can even kill bugs that are resistant to chemicals.                                       The product is big enough to clean just about any phone and you don’t even need to stop at phones. You can clean anything that fits into to it. People clean their keys and watches and even wallets. Its your world to get creative. The best time to clean your phone in my opinion is when you’re asleep , although the cleaning process doesn’t take a long time , the PhoneSoap has a part for a usb cable so you’re able to charge it as it sanitizes. Not only does it have a charging port but if you use it while you’re sleeping and need to set alarms to get up , and worried you wont hear them while the phone is in the device , you don’t have to worry. It has an audio amplifier feature that makes this even better for using while asleep. It has a 10 minute sanitizing time so if you’re multitasking  , start your phone up and continue your task and your phone will be done just like that.

Phone soap is super easy to use.                                                                                             You lift the lid and place the device or object you want to be cleaned. Plug in your device if wanted and closed lid. When lid is closed sanitizing process begins on its own. When blue indicator light turns on , sanitizing process is done. From then you can either leave it in there to charge or take it out to use. PhoneSoap comes in a variety of different colors so you can buy one that suits your preferences. It is portable, leaving you to sanitize your phone anywhere you go. After knowing how many germs our cells phones have you’re going to want to be able to clean your phone with such ease. Although there are other phone sanitizers out there with charging capabilities. None of them can kill germs like PhoneSoap can. PhoneSoap is the OG of UV-C sanitizer.

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