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Imagine getting into bed, and getting comfortable and pulling your sheets over you and cuddling up with them  , you take a deep breath and smell the wonderful smell that is your bed sheets. Or getting out from a shower and smelling you soft plush towel. Some of us might not be as lucky to have found the best smelling laundry detergent that stays strong. The smell of nice clean clothes can make you feel good but also leaves a good impression on others. To make it easy for you , here a 5 of the best laundry detergent smell.

  1. Seventh Generation Ultra Concentrated Lavender

Seventh Generation comes very recommended. This laundry detergent has a enzyme formula that is free of dyes , fragrances and artificial brighteners and can still get the tough stains out. As for the smell lavender is scientifically a powerful mood boosting scent. It has calming and relaxing effects , who doesn’t want to feel the lavender take its effect getting into bed. This bottle should last about 66 loads.

  1. Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle

As one of Amazon Choice product , Mrs. Meyers knows how to deliver. It has a plant based formula that has strong stain fight abilities without having skin irritants for people with eczema or other skin conditions , if  you suffer from itchy skin read this article for some relief. This honeysuckle smell is spot on to its users but not overwhelming. And the smell holds into fabric, no matter how sitting in drawers or hanging in closets.

  1. Method Ginger-Mango

This might not be a scent for everyone but this liquid laundry detergent gives a fruity yet zesty smell that’s be very intriguing. This natural formula is targeted tough stains and dirt without making your whites suffer either. This bottle can be god for 66 uses of this lovely smelling detergent.

  1. Rockin’ Green Lavender Mint

Recommended to athletes and those who live an active lifestyle for the power to eliminate odors and grime from anything effected by your hectic lifestyle. Containing no dyes ,  optical brighteners , or parabens , bleach or phosphates     making it safe for babies and people with sensitive skin. It uses lavender and mint , strong acting scents to release a fresh smell that leaves you and your nose happy.

  1. Tide Original

With it being top recommended by washing machine manufactures . Tide Original is the nostalgic smell of laundry. Tide Original has amazing cleaning powers. Has a strong smell but not to strong , yet is the national smell of laundry.

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