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Hardwood floors are becoming way more popular and modern. They deliver a fantastic look and provide easy clean up with any mess. That’s why getting the best broom for your buck for your hardwood floors is an important task. I personally hate having to sweep but with these brooms I’m going to show you , I can do this task with ease and end with satisfaction and not frustration. Your cleaning connoisseur comes to you with best broom hardwood floors.

  1. LandHope Rubber Bristle Hardwood Floor Broom

The LandHope broom has definitely swept a lot of its competition off the floor. It has the ability to clean hardwood floors but also tile , and even carpet. It gets all your daily cleaning done with minimal effort.  The soft rubber bristles collect dust ash and pet hair and keeps the air from around you from being blown away. Other brooms may leave scratches on floor or bristles fall out becoming part of the problem but with LandHope you don’t have to worry about that. Works well on carpets and getting bet hair out of the carpet. The handle is adjustable from 31.5 to 54 inches for people of any height. It also is easy to keep by just running under water it’ll will be like brand new.

  1. Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee – Best Long Handled Pet Broom

The Evriholder FURemover can get done the task at hand. This broom is one of the best brooms for sweeping hardwood or any surface for that matter. The rubber bristles dig into carpet getting embedded pet hair out in seconds. On hardwood floors its performs adequately by sweeping up any mess , dust , pet hair , lint , dirt and even liquids with the squeegee component. Made with high quality rubber , the 12 inch blade cleans and dries any surface and prevents spotting. The handle on this broom extends from 3ft to 6ft letting you clean high surfaces. This broom is also good for cleaning outside , like garages or pool decks and patios , and can be cleaned with just soap and water.

3. Microfiber Floor Flat Mop

This might not be considered a broom but this dust mop might even do the job better. The microfiber pad is designed to get to corners and hard to get to areas easy to clean. The microfiber pas absorbs liquids fast and has a soft scraping layer to loosen up oils or any other stains. It comes with 3 durable , reusable microfiber pads. Working to sweep up pet hair and can absorb water and then be rung out. It works well on laminate , tile , stone and hardwood floors.


4. LiKe Upright Dustpan and Broom

While the broom has soft bristles that don’t scrape the floor , and is sturdy. A lot of the wow about this broom is its dust pan. The dust pan had front facing teeth that comb through bristles to get hair gathered out into the dust pan. The dust pan also has a lip that conforms to surfaces to keep dust and crumbs and trash from going under the dust pan , which I personally find a pain in the butt. The dust pan is durable and strong and connects to broom make storing easy.


5. Bissell 1778 Brushwares Pet Hair Broom

Lastly , we have Bissell 1778 , which is highly recommended. The bristles are extremely soft and sensitive to your floors. And does a extremely job at getting really tiny particles , to ensure you have 100% clean hardwood floors. The rubber bristles attracts pet hair. It has adjustable handles and allows you to stand upright. The jointed handles allow to reach under furniture. And holds its place in line for best broom hardwood floors.


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